4 x 4 Track

The Puma Energy 4×4 Village


Experience the capability and performance of South Africa’s leading 4X4 vehicles testing their abilities on the Kyalami 4X4 Track. Visitors get to experience the vehicles first hand, by being in the vehicles while it challenges the elements.

4×4 village will have shuttle services running throughout the day, with dedicated pick up and drop off points.

Boating and 4×4 exhibits.

Boat towing activations: Test the towing capacity of 4×4’s in real life conditions, towing jet skis, ski boats and fishing boats.

Event tickets can be bought directly at the 4×4 village

Some of the highlights:

  • New Amarok, new Navara*
  • Renault & Mitsubishi will debut at the 2017 event
  • Land Rover will host the boat towing activation

And many more exciting surprises…

The Puma Energy 4×4 Village proudly sponsored by:

*Subject to Confirmation